Greetings from Chairman

JS Foundation is another dream of mine.

As a young boy who loves football, I dreamed of being a football player my whole life. Now that I have achieved my dream and come this far, football has become my life, and the unchanged fact is that I am still passionate about football.

I have always believed that devoting myself for the team on the field was my way of becoming a bigger person. But now, I wish to devote myself for more people off the field. If the world became a better place with football, I would be more than willing to devote myself and share my talent.

I hope that my passion and dream for football becomes a motivation for children.
Moreover, I want to show children who are our future and to those who have never experienced football before, how exciting football is and how it brings people together hand in hand.

Now, I have a bigger dream with JS FOUNDATION.
Through football, I wish to provide hopes and dreams for unprivileged children,
and create a place for cultural exchange between countries.
As a football player, I was given the chance to play in the European League where all football players dream to be a part of. These amazing moments became a reality for me, thanks to excellent coaches, good colleagues, and most of all, many football fans that have supported me.
I would like to fulfill the dream of JS FOUNDATION with the help of everyone.
Please grant your love and concern towards JS FOUNDATION.

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JS FOUNDATION Park Ji-Sung Football Center, 212 Mangpo-Dong, Youngtong-Gu, Sunwon-City, Gyeonggi, Korea